Ultimate Fishing / Guides & Staff

Each year there are many special people who come to work at Bakers Narrows Lodge.

They invest their time and talents and become blessings to other staff as well as to our guests whose lives are touched by them for a time.

We sincerely thank them.

Our fishing guides at Bakers Narrows Lodge hold a lifetime of experience and knowledge of our lakes, fish species and their environment plus all the right tackle and equipment to ensure a successful angling adventure.

Each guided experience leads you to shore around mid day. Relax and enjoy the smell of your morning catch as it sizzles in a pan over an open fire, complimenting one of our traditional shore lunches. At the end of your stay, your guide will be happy to fillet and vacuum seal a few fish for you to take home if you wish. At Bakers Narrows Lodge we promote catch and release using barbless hooks but do allow specific sized fish to be kept frozen and taken home as per the Manitoba Angling Guide book.

Ultimate Fishing / Manitoba Master Anglers


Master Angler Lake Trout

Lake Trout – Bakers Narrows Lodge on Lake Athapapuskow boasts the provincial record Lake Trout at a whopping 64 lbs, caught by our lead guide “John Wolters” in July of 2007. Our guides are sure there are bigger ones yet; they’ve caught them, but have not been able to bring them up! Come try your luck for these Manitoba “Deep Water” Monsters at Bakers Narrows Lodge.

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Walleye Fishing – Massive Walleye from 28” to 32” are a common occurrence at Bakers Narrows Lodge on Lake Athapapuskow. We’ve had guests catch Walleye up to 36” long! Come experience catching your Manitoba “”Water” Monster at Bakers Narrows Lodge.  We’ are also open year round, ice fishing for these beautiful fish.

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Master Angler Northern Pike

Gigantic Northern Pike – At Bakers Narrows Lodge we have mastered the art of Trophy Northern Pike fishing in these waters with several 42 inches and up. The record size one of our guests has landed was 49 ½ inches.  These aggressive gators are the highlight for many anglers looking to consistently catch these heavy fish. 

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Master Angler Whitefish

Whitefish – Although we don’t catch a tonne of whitefish on Lake Athapapuskow compared to some of the other fish species, the ones we do catch are usually very large with sizes exceeding 26″ long and boy do they put up a fight. You just never know what’s going to be on the end of your line when fishing at Bakers Narrows Lodge!

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Brook Trout World Record

The Provincial Record Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout have been caught in our area in the past couple of years with this one caught by Tim Matheson – 29 inches long with a 21-inch girth. Weight Calculation was approximately 16lbs. Fish was released.

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Master Angler Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass – Manitoba may not come to mind when talking about Small Mouth Bass but we have some incredible Bass fishing with several Master Anglers just waiting to smash your lure. Angling these small lakes from a 14′ fishing boat or one of our fishing kayaks is a tonne of fun.

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Rainbow Trout & Brook Trout

Rainbow and Brook Trout – Ideal fall fishing! Come experience excellent Rainbow and Brook Trout fishing, with trophies up to 30″ long. There is nothing more thrilling than to see these Rainbow Trout battle the hook; they break and clear the surface by as much as 4 to 5 feet!

You never really know what side of the boat you are going to see one next!

For the past 3 years we have caught and released both Rainbow and Brook Trout as large as 15 lbs.

Fishing methods vary from small spinners to jigs with many colors working well. In late May, just when ice is out, or in September and October the fishing for Rainbow and Brook Trout doesn’t get any better. We had one party catch and release 17 Master Anglers in one day this fall!It is definitely a sport fishing adventure that should not be passed up!

Guided Rainbow Trout for 2p: $325/day (doesn’t include boat rental)

Ultimate Fishing / Lake Trout

Lake Trout are a member of the salmon family. They are not as common as other fresh water fish but can far exceed the other fish for size.

Lake Athapapuskow has produced trophy Lake Trout for years. We hold the Manitoba record – 64 lbs, and our guides are sure that the World Record is still down there. They have latched on to some huge Lake Trout, played them for over an hour, only to have them zip off with their hook!

To get the big Lake Trout, we fish in 70 – 110 ft of water with a jig and sucker belly. Although you will catch lots of smaller Lake Trout as well, this proves to be the most consistent method for large fish.

Largest Lake Trout caught and released recently were: 2006 – a 53 lb, 2007 – a 64 lb, and 2008 – 50 lb.

Best in late May through mid July on a high barometric pressure day, with a slight chop on the water. In September & October you will find Lake Trout in shallow water as they are fall spawners. At that time of year you fish for Lake Trout as you would Northern Pike.

Ultimate Fishing / Walleye

Walleye – First choice for shore lunch for “locals” and guests alike. Walleye (Pickerel) abound in the waters in our area.
Our fly-outs yield stupendous numbers of Walleye in a day with catches of 2.5 to 3.5 lb Walleye, over 100 per boat being very common. Our best group caught & released 350 Walleye in one day this past year!
Pick that cloudy day, add a little chop on the water and bait your jig with a minnow – you’re ready to catch Walleye, trophy sized – best time is late May to late July. Fly-outs are most successful from mid June through September.
Our main lake Athapapuskow, although not as prolific, offers trophy fishing with Walleye ranging from 28″ to 32″ (5 to 10lb) and the odd monster Walleye as large as 36″
Send us your photos of the Walleye that you caught on Lake Athapapuskow or one of our other special fishing holes and you will be entered to WIN A COPY of “The Total Fishing Manual by Field & Stream” from Bakers Narrows Lodge…
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Northern Pike

Northern Pike – They are truly an eating machine, with a voracious appetite. Northern Pike are known to take on bait fish almost their own size.

We had an 11 year old catch a 24″ Northern Pike, which while she was reeling it in, had a 41″ Northern Pike swallow the smaller one. She netted the pair, and released them!

Late May through September is when the Northern Pike are biting. Our guests have caught Northern Pike as large as 49″ and weighing 25 lbs on both our fly-out lakes, and our main lake, Athapapuskow.

We find Northern Pike in the cabbage beds, or just around a deep drop off is the ideal spot to land the big Northern Pike.

Methods vary from jigs and minnows, to Savage Gear, crank baits and spoons. We also slip-bob with hearing which is a tonne of fun.

Actually Northern Pike bite almost anything that moves! Your tackle box will show the toll of repeated strikes by hungry Northern Pike. Early morning and evening are when the Northern Pike are most active.

Northern Manitoba may not immediately come to mind when talking about Smallmouth Bass. The big three of Walleye, Lake Trout, and Northern Pike are the most sought after around these parts but at Bakers Narrows Lodge we offer incredible Smallmouth Bass fishing as an extra fishing experience.
Smallmouth Bass Fishing Baits. Some of the most productive lures for stream smallmouth fishing are 1/4-ounce spinnerbaits and buzz baits. … Dragging plastic tubes or drop-shotting finesse worms or small soft-plastics imitating gobies or minnows are two of the most popular tactics for catching northern smallmouth.
Guided Bass Day for 2 p: $290/day (doesn’t include boat rental)
(Kayak rental also available for this trip)