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Deep Freeze Fishing

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Come experience exceptional Multi Species Ice Fishing at Bakers Narrows Lodge, Northern Manitoba’s #1 drive to fishing resort located on Magnificent Lake Athapapuskow. This lake and surrounding Northern lakes offer numerous places to fish for Trophy Lake Trout and Huge Walleye and Monster Northern Pike along with various other species such as Burbot, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, White Fish and Perch. We offer World Class Fishing on Lake Athapapuskow but if you want more adventure we also have several other Remote Northern lakes you can access by snowmobile or ATV. There is no telling what you might catch on your line at these remote lakes, just make sure you bring some heavy gear and get ready to smash some Trophy fish through the ice.

Pop up ice shacks are most commonly used out on the ice primarily because they are versatile and easy to move around. With so many cool places to fish you want to explore many different spots and even other lakes as well for the ultimate fishing experience.

Snowmobiles or track machines are the best for transportation over the ice on the lakes until April when the snow melts and you can get out to your favorite fishing spots with a quad. There are several trails connecting various fishing lakes in and around Bakers Narrows Lodge making it easy to access those incredible fishing holes.

We offer fishing guide services for the day or your entire trip. It’s not a bad idea to have someone show you around the first day or two but we also have good trail maps so the DIY Fisherman can navigate themselves to these honey holes.

Snowmobile rentals are available at Bakers Narrows Lodge as well as ice shacks and fishing gear if required.

This package includes :
  • 4 Nights /3 Days
  • Deluxe First Class Private Log Cottage
  • 1 Awesome Fishing Guide For 1 Day
  • Dinner in our Clubhouse on the guided day
Additional Add-Ons :
    • Snowmobile Rental (2 up seating with pull behind sleigh) $200/Day + fuel
    • Ice Hut Rental $100/Day (includes wood)
    • Pop-Up Shelter – $50/Day
    • Little Buddy Heater – $35/Day (includes propane)
    • Ice Auger – $25/Day
    • Ice Fishing Gear (rods, reels, line, tackle) – $25/Person
    • 3 Gourmet Meals/Day – $60/Person

Bakers Narrows Lodge is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Deep Freeze Fishing Products such as the “One Shot” Ice Skimmer and Blue Tipz Transmitters.

Pro Skimmer

Had enough of the seemingly never-ending process of scooping the slush out of your ice fishing hole? Tired of wasting valuable time when you could be catching more fish? Bakers Narrows Lodge introduces the One Shot Ice Skimmer—Pro Edition. This time-saving, innovative, and portable ice skimmer is the solution to your problem. Forget those high-priced alternatives. The new ice skimmer from Bakers Narrows Lodge is a superior product, yet more affordable. The interchangeable bottom allows for use on 6”, 8”, and 10” auger holes. Locally made, the durability will speak for itself. Try one today, you won’t be disappointed!

Blue Tipz Transmitter Device

The BlueTipz wireless transmitter alerts you on your smartphone when you have a strike on your tip-up. It consumes no power when horizontal, so assuming 2 minutes per strike, the replaceable batteryshould last up to 600 fish The super bright light is great for night fishing and identifying which tipup just alerted.

Great performance up to 600 feet range. The transmistter clips to any tipup flag. Download the BlueTipz app to make sure your mobile device is compatible.

The app is free and is available on Android and iOS.


Snowmobile or Quads?

(Snowmobile only until usually late March and April. Stay tuned to our social media for snow and ice updates)

Can we get on the lake with a vehicle.

(NO, You will definitely need a snowmobile or atv or we have a snowcat that transports people on and off the ice)

Do we need an auger extension?

(Never hurts to have one just in case but generally no)

Do you sell bait?

(Yes, we have sucker belly, dead baits and minnows for sale at the lodge)

Do you offer meals?

(Yes, please let us know ahead of time. We offer breakfast, packed lunch and dinners at the lodge)

Do the log cottages have kitchens?

(Yes, our log cottages all have a kitchenette with a burner top stove and microwave plus a bbq grill on the porch)

Do we need to bring our own bedding?

(No, all linens and towels are supplied in each log cottage)

What do you use for catching Lake Trout

(Our preference is the 45” HAAT Rod Medium/Heavy with 30lb braided line and 20lb mono or fluorocarbon with a swivel for a leader.

Do you sell tackle?

(yes, we have a selection of tackle at the lodge including our famous Lake Trout Jig Kits with ultimate glow technology custom made by Big Sky Jigs)

How far of a ride is it from the lodge to the Lake Trout fishing?

(Anywhere between 5 to 15 miles will get you the Laker fishing on Athapapuskow)

Can we fish for other species?

(Yes, we have several lakes to fish and offer multi species fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Burbot, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Small Mouth Bass, Perch and Whitefish.

How deep is Lake Athapapuskow?

(The deepest spot on Athapap is 233 feet deep)

What is the size of Lake Athapapuskow?

(Lake Athapapuskow is approximately 20 miles x 20 miles and has over 575 islands)

Is there gas available at the lodge?

(Yes, we sell gas at the lodge)

This package price is for a minimum 4+ person booking 
* Manitoba Fishing license is not included in this package but can be purchased at the Lodge upon arrival.
Prices for less than 4 people – Group of 3 People Special Package Price $499/person. Group of 2 People Special Package Price $599/person.

Special Package Only


Per Person

4 Nights/3 Days

Based on group of 4

We Offer

Fishing on Lake Athapapuskow

All rates are in Canadian funds.

All Inclusive Hard Water Package

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Come and Experience Trophy Fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Walleye on Legendary Lake Athapapuskow. Within the vast shoreline of Athapap there is 104 square miles of actual hard water to explore with depths exceeding 220 feet. There are over 575 islands situated amongst these waters as well as hundreds of bays and coves offering no end to the majestic and pristine waters where these big fish live.

This package includes one professional guided fishing day on Lake Athapap however many anglers who are interested in hunting for those Trophy fish all trip long will book a guide for the remainder days to ensure they encounter the absolute very best angling experience Lake Athapapuskow has to offer.

You can also take advantage of multi lakes and multi species with snowmobile access to many of our remote fishing lakes in the area for Walleye, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Burbot, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike.

This package includes :
  • Deluxe First Class Private Log Cottage
  • Three Delicious Gourmet Meals a Day
  • Daily Ice Transportation (SnoCat or Snowmobile)
  • Ice Fishing Shelter & Heater (pop up or permanent ice shack with heaters, auger etc)
  • One Day (or more if you wish) Lake Athapap Fishing Expedition with Fishing Guide
  • Top of the line fishing equipment to use during your stay
  • Daily maid service

Add to Your Stay

Add additional full day/night stay- $260.00

Add Additional Guide Days – $250

1 Guided Day on Main Lake Included.
*Prices are per person. Minimum 2 people per group.
* Manitoba Fishing license is not included in this package but can be purchased at the Lodge upon arrival.


4 Days/5 Nights


5 Days/6 Nights

All rates are in Canadian funds.

Additional Add-ons:

  • Snowmobile Rental – 2 up seating with pull behind sleigh $250/Day (includes fuel, oil.and helmets)

  • 4 Person Ice Shack Rental (16 ‘x 8’) $200/Day (includes wood – located on Big Athapap for Lake Trout, White Fish & Burbot)
  • 2 Person Ice Hut Rental $100/Day (includes wood – located on Little Athapap for Lake Trout & Burbot)
  • 4 Person Ice Fishing Prospector Tent (14’x10′) $125/Day (includes wood – located on Little Athapap for Lake Trout & Burbot)
  • 4 Person Pop-Up Shelter – $100/Day (can be positioned anywhere on the lake)
  • 2 Person Pop-Up Shelter – $50/Day (can be positioned anywhere on the lake)
  • Little Buddy Heater – $35/Day (includes propane)
  • Electric Ice Auger – $50/Day
  • Ice Fishing Gear (rods, reels, line, tackle) – $25/Person
  • 3 Gourmet Meals/Day – $65/Person

  • Sno-Cat Ice Transportation To And From All Lake Athapapuskow Ice Fishing Locations – $125/person per day (based on a minimum of 4 people) or a day rate of $650 per day (based on 5+ to 12 people maximum)

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