As temperatures soon begin their yearly free fall, we’ll turn our attention to wintertime fishing opportunities. While we certainly appreciate the warmer seasons, ice fishing in Manitoba is particularly special. Between the (approximately) five months of ice and a wide variety of sport fish, it’s no wonder that many hard-water anglers consider Northern Manitoba a premiere destination for targeting monsters. Whether you’re chasing massive lake trout, ferocious pike, wily walleyes, or various other coveted species, Bakers Narrows Lodge on Lake Athapapuskow is poised to give you an unforgettable wilderness vacation. Besides the fishing, you’ll enjoy seemingly unfettered access to incredible snowmobile trails, tutelage from an elite Manitoba fishing guide, hearty meals, and comforting accommodations that will undoubtedly make you feel at home. If you’re seeking an unrivalled hard-water experience, look no further than Bakers Narrows.

Endless Angling: The Ice Fishing Season in Manitoba

One of the most notable perks to staying at our Manitoba fishing lodge is that first ice starts around mid-November and hard water usually won’t open up until the end of April, meaning you’ll have a wide range of options to select from this winter:

First ice – By mid-November, snow machines and four-wheelers can safely navigate various lakes in our neck of the woods. Furthermore, the temperatures are usually milder, leading to a more enjoyable outing for those opposed to frigid weather. 

Midwinter – At this time, the ice will be incredibly thick, allowing full access to all lakes and waterways, making deep water lake trout an enticing prospect. Because of the occasional sub-zero winter days, thermal clothing and gear will significantly enhance your comfort levels.

Late ice – Although vehicle access to the ice will be limited to quads, the climate will return to a more mild state. During this time, it is imperative to keep an eye on daily ice reports. Still, luckily for you, Bakers Narrows will never leave you hanging and has all the necessary information available to keep you in the know.

What to Target and Where to Go While Ice Fishing in Manitoba

A male ice angler proudly hoists a massive lake trout caught while ice fishing in Manitoba.With its pristine lakes, unscathed wilderness, and sprawling boreal forests, Northern Manitoba is a dream come true for anyone looking for a quintessential remote ice fishing excursion. Composed of three connected water bodies, Lake Athapapuskow is a glacial remnant located just 15 kilometres from Flin Flon, Manitoba. In addition to Athapapuskow, there are several other lakes to be explored. For example, you could go to Alberts Lake for walleye and pike, Barbie for rainbow trout, or Mikanagan for a mix of lake trout, walleye, pike, burbot, and whitefish! With eight total lakes inhabited by eight different species, there are unlimited possibilities while ice fishing in Manitoba with Bakers Narrows. 

The Best Manitoba Fishing Lodge: Your Basecamp for Adventure

From our trusted Manitoba fishing guides to our beloved boreal lakes, there are several reasons why Bakers Narrows Lodge is the echelon of prime angling destinations. Ice fishing in Manitoba is something every avid angler should experience, and we’re here to lead the way. For more information or to book your stay, please visit us online or call 866-603-6390.