The Ultimate Manitoba Fishing Packages

Northern Manitoba has so much to explore and we at Bakers Narrows Lodge would like to invite you to come and experience true adventure in the heart of the Canadian shield. Step into the wilderness, the remoteness, and the incredible beauty that Northern Manitoba has to offer. To accommodate various budgets you can select from a wide variety of packages that are available or customize your own for the perfect Northern Manitoba adventure. Feel free to call or email us with any questions and let’s begin planning your next remote Northern expedition.

Fishing Packages / Fly-In/ Fly-Out Fishing

Experience World Class Fishing like never before at Bakers Narrows Lodge. It is not uncommon to catch 300+ fish per day on these lakes. There were 330 pike caught on one of the fly-out lakes in one day and over 350 walleye in one day on another lake. Come and experience unlimited quality Manitoba fishing on our abundance of remote day fly-in lakes.
Whether your goal is a bountiful catch of Walleye, or fighting Pike in cabbage beds in remote bays, or the excitement of flying into a pristine wilderness location to enjoy the scenery, the wildlife and the congenial company, you will not be disappointed. Many of our guests attest to the fact that this has been the highlight of their trip and they have truly enjoyed “the ultimate fishing experience” on their fly-out days.
Our daily fly-in fishing trips to remote lakes are an adventure that will take you where few have ever gone before.  Here is an overview of the day.
We depart after breakfast and arrive back at the lodge in time for dinner. Upon landing your boat, motor and gas will be ready for a full day’s fishing. Around noon, freshly caught shore lunch is prepared by your guide allowing you to taste your morning catch accompanied with homemade pan fried potatoes, baked beans and something sweet for desert.
These fly-in fishing trips have much to offer and are truly an experience you do not want to miss. They can also be added as an option to any one of our other packages.
Additional Fishing Tours
To add some extra adventure to our already awesome angling opportunities, also available at Bakers Narrows Lodge are numerous drive-to lakes. The boats, motors and your guide will be supplied for you. These great lakes offer superb Northern Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Brook and Rainbow Trout.
Fly-In Day Trip Package Includes:
Floatplane In and Out
Fishing Guide
Fishing Boat 14-16′ with 10-20 hp Motor
Unlimited Fuel
Fresh Shore Lunch
Incredible Memories That Last A Lifetime
$595.00 per person (minimum 2 per group)

Fishing Packages / Other Services

Our fishing guides at Bakers Narrows Lodge are experienced and have been fishing these waters for years. Take advantage of their vast experience and knowledge getting you to the secluded places where these magnificent fish live and sharing with you the fishing techniques that produce. Our guides cater to the expert or novice fishermen working hard to meet and exceed your expectations. Their main goal is to put you on the fish and provide a memorable trip of a lifetime. Come experience an unforgettable day of fishing in the breath taking scenery of Northern Manitoba.

Guide Service for 2 p (doesn’t include boat rental): $250/day Add 3rd person for an additional $25.00
Guided Fly-in Day Trip: $595 per person (minimum 2 people)
Guided Bass Day for 2 p: $290/day (doesn’t include boat rental)
(Kayak rental also available for this trip)
Guided Rainbow Trout for 2p: $325/day (doesn’t include boat rental)
(Kayak rental also available for this trip)
Guided Pontoon Scenic Cruise: $100/hr (doesn’t include fuel used)
* all guided services require 24hr notice

Guided ATV Adventures

  • Big River ATV and Snowmobile Trails
  • Woman driving ATV through forest
  • ATV Adventures
  • ATV Adventures
  • Woman driving ATV
  • ATV on the ice
  • ATVs on ice
  • ATV Adventures
  • ATV Adventures

Bakers Narrows Lodge is proud to offer fully guided backcountry fishing and scenic ATV excursions! If you are looking for a remote adventure then you’re going to love this guided ATV fishing trip.

ATV on old trapper trails into the back forty on top of the line off road quads to the most beautiful untouched waters. Upon arrival at the backcountry lake your guide will take you out on the water to spin cast, troll or jig for your next Manitoba Master Angler Walleye or Northern Pike. Enjoy a freshly prepared shore lunch and experience the true beauty and serenity of the un-touched landscape and wildlife all around you.  Rain or Shine our ATV outback tours are always a fun activity to explore during your stay at Bakers Narrows Lodge.

EASY TO DRIVE – All ATV’s are fully automatic 4X4 with power steering for easy control and handling for all skill levels beginner to expert.  Each machine offers 2-up seating so you can safely double ride with your partner or the kids.

RIDING GEAR – We provide each rider all the require safety equipment which includes, helmets, goggles and riding gloves. Please remember to bring your own rain gear and hiking boots. Rain or shine you will be covered from head to toe and ready for action.

Package Includes:

  • Fishing Guide
  • ATV + Gear
  • Fishing Boat/Motor/Fuel
  • Shore lunch

$425.00 per/person (minimum 2 per booking)


  • Caught fish on a kayak
  • Man in a fishing kayak
  • Kayak fisher among the reeds
  • Kayaker
We have a few different options for Kayak float trips. Our favorite is a FLY “N” FLOAT that starts in the crystal clear headwaters of Wabishkok Lake and leads you down river to beautiful Mikanagan Falls. This is a gentle current float trip with 3 lakes in total to explore along your journey with an evening pick-up at Mikanagan Falls. This self guided day tour is safe and enjoyable for all ability levels who like to paddle and fish.


Half Day – 165 per person
Full Day – $249 per person

Package Includes:

  • Tour Guide
  • Fat Tire Bike with helmet
  • Kayak with paddle
  • Kayak Cart for transport behind bike
  • Tour Route Map

Fly”N”Float Day Excursion

$469 Per Person

Package Includes:
Float Plane Drop Off and Pick Up…PFD Life Preserver, Paddles, Emergency Survival Kit, Mooring Rope

The other paddle option is sticking closer to home by setting out on a self guided kayak tour of Lake Athapapuskow. You are provided with a route map and points of interest along the way with the option of a half day or full day trek.

Our rental Kayaks are designed to answer the needs of the most demanding recreational paddlers.

Fishing Kayaks

Half Day $60 Per Person

Full Day $90 Per Person

Paddle Gear Provided
PFD Life Preserver, Paddles, Emergency Survival Kit, Mooring Rope

The Perception Pescador Pro series of sit-on-top fishing kayaks are outfitted with the features and performance serious anglers demand. Fast, stable, and designed to track straight in variable conditions—it’s the total package for effortlessly covering water on your favorite lake, pond, or flat-water river to find the fish. All in a boat that’s lightweight for easy transport and storage.

The sit-on-top design offers generous storage and accessory mount options that make it easy to outfit the boat for all-day excursions. The removable and adjustable camp chair is the most comfortable seat found on any fishing kayak. One online reviewer even stated: “The seat alone is worth buying this kayak.”

The longer length of the 12.0 model remains maneuverable while adding speed, cargo space, and stability—perfect for accessing quiet waters beyond the reach of other boaters.

Day Touring Kayaks

Half Day $45 Per Person

Full Day $75 Per Person

Paddle Gear Provided
PFD Life Preserver, Paddles, Emergency Survival Kit, Mooring Rope

Built on twin-arched multi chine hull, this sit-in kayak offers great stability while providing good tracking. Molded footrests make this kayak ideal for multi-user families, and an adjustable Ergoform™ padded backrest with Ergobase™ seat pad will provide increased comfort and help maintain an efficient paddling position. This kayak has a storage hatch with bungee cords to safely stow your personal items, a cockpit table and carrying handles. Made of RAM-X™ impact-resistant material, this kayak is lightweight at only 38 lb and easy to transport.


  • Adjustable ERGOFORM™ backrest with seat cushion
  • Bottle holder
  • Bungee cords
  • Carrying handles
  • Drain plug
  • Molded footrests
  • Storage hatch with bungee cord
  • Cockpit table

Twin-arched Multi Chine Hull

Twin Arched Multichine Hull
  • Great stability
  • Quick mastery of the kayak
  • Versatile
  • Tracks well


Length Width Height Weight
10 ft – 305 cm 28 in. – 71 cm 14 in. – 36 cm 38 lb – 17.4 kg
Capacity Cockpit width Cockpit length Seating
275 lb – 125 kg 25 in. – 63.5 cm 54.8 in. – 139 cm 1

Fat Tire Bikes

  • Two people biking in the snow
  • Fat Tire Bike with kayak
  • Fat Tire Bike
  • Fat Tire Bike
  • Fat tire bike on the snow

Another fun activity for you to partake in to enjoy the fresh Northern air and beautiful surroundings. Like regular bicycling, fat bikes are intended for off-road cycling with wider, oversized tires to handle the uneven terrain such as rock, sand or snow.

We offer fully guided and self guided Fat Tire Bike & Kayak Fishing day tours for Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike & Walleye. Towing your fishing Kayak with your Fat Tire Bike you will head out in the morning on a scenic ride through the Northern Canadian Shield to arrive at a pristine remote lake for a spectacular day of fishing. This unique experience is an adventure that can be purchased separately or added to any one of our packages.


Half Day – $99 per person
Full Day – $149 per person

Package Includes:
– Fat Tire Bike with helmet
– Kayak with paddle
– Kayak Cart for transport behind bike
– Tour Route Map (self guided)


Half Day – $99 per person
Full Day – $149 per person

Package Includes:
– Tour Guide
– Fat Tire Bike with helmet
– Kayak with paddle
– Kayak Cart for transport behind bike
– Tour Route Map


Half Day $45 Per Person
Full Day $75 Per Person


  • Snowmobile tour
  • Snowmobiles at night
  • Red snowmobile
  • Two people riding a snowmobile
  • Two snowmobilers
  • Blue snowmobile

Tours start out with a safety briefing and then follow the leader style, while participants gain riding confidence on back country trails.  Once you reach the open lakes, most people are ready to let loose and have some fun in the deep powder.   

All tours are guided and start from late December to mid April (depending on snow conditions)

EASY TO DRIVE – All snowmobiles are fan cooled 570cc offering easy control and handling for all skill levels beginner to expert.  Each machine offers 2-up seating so you can safely double ride with your partner or the kids.

RIDING GEAR – We provide each rider with a helmet however each rider is responsible for supplying their own adequate warm winter gear such as jacket, ski-pants, gloves and warm winter boots. 

2 Hour Guided Tour – $300 (1 snowmobile – no charge for 2nd rider)

2 Hour Guided Tour – $400 (2 snowmobiles – no charge for 2nd rider)

Half Day ( 4 hours) Guided Tour – $550 (1 snowmobile – no charge for 2nd rider)

Half Day (4 hours) Guided Tour – $750 (2 snowmobiles – no charge for 2nd rider)

Full Day (8 hours) Guided Tour – $800 includes lunch (1 snowmobile – no charge for 2nd rider)

Full Day Guided Tour – $1050 – includes lunch (2 snowmobiles – no charge for 2nd rider)


  • Close up of a photographer
  • Photographer squatting in background
  • Photographer in the grass
  • Photographer photographing fox
  • Photographer photographing fox
  • Photographer with tripod
  • Photographer on a trail

For this adventure, we pair you up with one of the top wildlife photographer in Northern Manitoba who also happens to be a local to Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Get pointers, tips, and tricks to make your own photos and film spectacular. Spend the day exploring, photographing, filming, (if you wish) on beautiful Lake Athapapuskow. Groups from two to four can be accommodated. You will need to bring your own camera for this photo safari.

Availability is limited.


  • Group of hikers on a trail
  • Limestone cliffs
  • Limestone cliffs
  • Limestone cliffs
  • Limestone cliffs

Lake Athapapuskow in the Cree language means “rock all around” which includes the magnificent Limestone cliffs with sheer drops that are said to be thousands of years old. Grab your camera and head out across the waters of Lake Athapapuskow by boat to the South end of Little Athapap where you will arrive at Camp Whitney. From here you will begin your hike on the Brian King Nature Trail which is a self-guided trail that winds its way from Camp Whitney to Limestone Narrows, passing through a variety of forest types and terrain. Starting on solid Precambrian Shield granite and schist and ending at a set of limestone crevices, which are part of what was once the bed of an ancient sea. There are a number of interpretive plaques along the way to give you a feel for the ecosystem you are in.

You pass from typical Boreal Forest of mixed white spruce and poplar through an area where old field succession is evident with the profuse growth of wild roses and invading willows, sarsaparilla, honeysuckle, and poplar trees. See clearly the markings black bears have left on some of the trees. Follow an old firebreak and witness an amazing transition point with a black spruce forest on one side of the trail and lush mixed poplar, balsam fir and white spruce on the other. Continue along into black spruce and break through into a pure mature trembling aspen forest. Keep your eyes open for delicious dewberries, blueberries and in the spring, morel mushrooms. If you’re quiet you may sneak up on a family of ruffed grouse hunting for berries. This hiking tour is suitable for beginners of all ages and has no time limit, you go at your own pace which can take up to a half day or more.

(boat rental and tour guide optional – can be booked separately or added to any package)


  • Cross-country skiiers
  • Cross-country skiiers
  • Cross-country skiiers
  • Cross-country skiiers
  • Cross-country skiiers

Enjoy the peaceful charm of cross country skiing, away from the crowds. Hit the groomed track for skate and classic skiing, or venture into the backcountry to forge your own path, either way it’s a chance to get close to nature.

  • 28 kms of groomed trails- classic & skate, beginner to expert
  • 7.5 km Race Trail – CCC certified
  • Lighted trails for night skiing till 10pm!
  • Nordic Ski Playground for kids
  • Adult Learn-to-Ski sessions
  • Guided Ski Tours
  • Daily Ski Rentals and Trail Fees
  • Prices vary per activity


  • Snow Shoeing
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Snowshoe tour
  • 4 people in snowshoes
  • Snow Shoeing

The opportunity for winter exploration is endless using your own two feet, it’s simple no matter what level of challenge you’re after, snowshoeing is far less technical than skiing. If you can walk, then you can snowshoe – it really is as simple as that!

Trekking through the snow with the aid of snowshoes is an excellent way to travel through the winter landscape without needing the technical skills of a skier. These self guided tours will take you over the Canadian Shield exploring trails through the forest or head out across the wide open snow covered landscape of our beautiful Northern Manitoba lakes.

We recommend guests wear warm winter gear. We suggest layering a lightweight base layer with a medium to heavy weight sweater (temperature dependent), a winter jacket, snow pants, gloves, warm socks, and a toque and scarf or balaclava. Warm footwear is essential. A small backpack is also a good idea to carry your camera, binoculars, water and snacks.

We provide snowshoe gear rental including walking poles and headlamps if required for night excursions.

$40 half day rental

$65 full day rental

Come and explore the beautiful frozen landscape of Lake Athapapuskow from inside our nice warm Snowbuster. Whether it’s a trip out to the big lake for a day of fishing or just a cruze to explore the vast Canadian shield and miles of majestic shorelines of Lake Athapapuskow, you will surely enjoy the ride and scenic views from the snowbuster on this excursion… It’s totally where it’s at for ultimate comfort and adventure.

$850.00 Half Day Guided Snowcat Lake Tour (max 12 people – includes lunch)


  • Stars at night
  • Two people in silhouette with a telescope
  • Stargazing in winter
  • Northern lights in January
  • Northern lights in June
  • Northern lights in November

Experience the incredible natural beauty of the Northern Lights. This is truly one of our favorite wonders of the North that is definitely a must see.

Explore the epic night sky while star gazing through one of our telescopes while you experience the darkness above come alive.

With various packages and options to choose from summer or winter, please contact us to discuss all the details.