When you are searching for Manitoba fishing lodges that have incredible fishing, cozy accommodations, and a beautiful location, you can find it with us at Bakers Narrows Lodge. Though fishing Manitoba water can produce a wide variety of fish, we wanted to highlight one of our favorites. As one of the largest species that we catch in the waters surrounding our lodge and Lake Athapapuskow, northern pike are somewhat of a celebrity. We want to share just why we can’t get enough of these Manitoba monsters.

What’s a Northern Pike?

The northern pike, or Manitoba Fishing Lodgessimply referred to as pike, northern, or jack, are a carnivorous freshwater fish that frequents the waters around Manitoba fishing lodges. You can usually find them in shallower waters with slower currents. They prefer clear waters with rocky bottoms but have also been known to wade in clean grassy areas along shorelines. Pike are well-known for being ambush predators, meaning they wait patiently for unsuspecting prey to cross their path. Once they sense their prey through either site or a lateral line sense of swimming vibrations, it will accelerate with remarkable agility at high speeds to strike. They aren’t typically picky as to what is on the menu and have even been known to feast on their own kind, so a wide range of bait tends to work well.

Identifying a Pike

Identifying a Northern Pike is relatively easy as they have several unique features that set them apart from many of our other popular fish. With long, streamlined bodies and flat heads that narrow duck-bill snout with sharp inward-facing teeth. These muscular beasts are most commonly olive green with shading of yellows and while under their bellies. They can also be identified by their marbled spots of lighter greens running down their flanks. You’ll see one small, rounded dorsal fin located near the tail and a matching fin on the underbelly for optimal propulsion. They also have a set of pectoral fins and pelvic fins to help them maneuver through the currents.

Manitoba Fishing LodgesFishing Manitoba Northern Pike

When you come to Bakers Narrows Lodge to try your hand in fishing Manitoba waters for Northern Pike, our guides can help you with a few techniques to have a successful day on the water. You will want to cast in or near grassy, rocky areas, and spoons tend to work well for enticing northerns to bite. Also, be sure to use a steel leader because the sharp teeth of these Manitoba monsters are likely to cause you to lose your lure if not rigged correctly. There are plenty of other fun facts and techniques to getting northern pike onto your lines, and when you come to Bakers Narrows Lodge, you can learn about these fish and try your hand at reeling one in first hand. So, head to Flin Flon to experience one of the best Manitoba fishing lodges for an unforgettable fishing adventure!