What to Bring

What to Bring...

Here is some Recommendations for your Canadian Fishing Vacation:

If you need a fishing license, there is no need to purchase one ahead of time. We offer licenses for sale on-site.

Fishing Gear:

Rods– We always advise you to bring the rod and reel that you feel most comfortable using. Casting and spinning are the most popular and we always recommend medium to light action rods because they seem to allow the best action and hook setting ability.

Reels– Drag setting of your reel is what we feel is the most important feature that helps you bring in that big catch. We don’t recommend a certain manufacturer or type of reel, as long as your reel has a good drag system that allows for smooth release of your line throughout the range of the reel’s drag settings, and allows for easy setting of the drag.

Line & Line test– As far as what’s most popular, it seems to always be 6# or 10# test. If casting with larger lures many use 14# or 17# line.

Lures– We always try to suggest to bring what tackle you already have however you may re-stock your supply at the lodge. We will always know what the fish seem to be hitting at the time and try to keep a selection of these lures on hand. Our bait is some of the best to ensure a very successful fishing adventure.

Personal Gear:

These are just some of the things we suggest, also we suggest you prepare your own personalized checklist (medications etc..)

Good Rain Gear– rain coats and pants are a must, always carry it with you even if the day may start out bright and sunny, don’t let yourself get caught wet and cold

Sun Screen– we recommend the highest SPF you can find. Fishing on water makes you a triple target for sunburn (rays hit you off the water, off the boat and of course direct sunlight)

Quality Sunglasses– eyes need protection from the sun too, but not only this they help to reduce the glare off the water

Long Sleeve Shirts and a Hat– always a good idea for protection of the sun, and also weather surprises

Warm Jackets– we do have cool days and evenings too!

Camera and Film– don’t miss out on the memories that will last a lifetime


Car Insurance Policy– if you are driving to the lodge, make sure your coverage is valid in Canada and always carry it with you in case of an accident. Travel Insurance should be in place before departure.

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