Lake Athapapuskow Fishing

Lake Athapapuskow Fishing Lodge and Outpost Camps for trophy Lake Trout, Northern Pike, quality Walleye and Perch, Small Mouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Burbot

Magnificent Lake Athapapuskow, (Cree Indian word meaning “Rocks All Around”), also known as Lake Athapap, is world renowned for it’s trophy Lake Trout, Northern Pike, quality Walleye and Perch.

Lake Athapap has held 3 World Records in total to date.

Also accessible by floatplane or portages are many remote or semi – remote lakes, stocked waters with Small Mouth Bass and Rainbow Trout are just minutes from Bakers Narrows Lodge.

Species of Fish Lake Trout.average 3 to 7 lbs with 30’s 40’s and 50’s caught and released each year. Lake Athapap has held the World Record (62 lb 8 oz) which lasted over 40 years, and there are still bigger ones in the lake. Athapap also holds the World Record 6 lb line class record at (44 lbs) caught June 11, 1997.

Northern Pike.average 4 to 8 lbs with trophies up to 30 lbs.caught and released each year.

Walleye.average 4 to 7 lbs, and up to 14 lbs)

Burbot. (related to Ling Cod) 2 to 8 lbs. Lake Athapap holds the World Record (22 lbs 8 oz) for this species. Perch, Whitefish and Tullibee also caught in Lake Athapapuskow.

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