Canadian Pike Fishing

Northern Pike – They are truly an eating machine, with a voracious appetite. Northern Pike are known to take on bait fish almost their own size.

We had an 11 year old catch a 24″ Northern Pike, which while she was reeling it in, had a 41″ Northern Pike swallow the smaller one. She netted the pair, and released them!

Late May through September is when the Northern Pike are biting. Our guests have caught Northern Pike as large as 49″ and weighing 25 lbs on both our fly-out lakes, and our main lake, Athapapuskow.

We find Northern Pike in the cabbage beds, or just around a deep drop off is the ideal spot to land the big Northern Pike.

Methods vary from jigs and minnows, to crank baits and spoons.

Actually Northern Pike bite almost anything that moves! Your tackle box will show the toll of repeated strikes by hungry Northern Pike. Early morning and evening are when the Northern Pike are most active.

Send us your photos of the Northern Pike you caught on Lake Athapapuskow or one of our other special fishing holes and you will be entered to WIN A COPY of “The Total Fishing Manual by Field & Stream” from Bakers Narrows Lodge.

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