Canadian Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout are a member of the salmon family. They are not as common as other fresh water fish but can far exceed the other fish for size.

Lake Athapapuskow has produced trophy Lake Trout for years. We hold the Manitoba record – 64 lbs, and our guides are sure that the World Record is still down there. They have latched on to some huge Lake Trout, played them for over an hour, only to have them zip off with their hook!

To get the big Lake Trout, we fish in 70 – 110 ft of water with a jig and sucker belly. Although you will catch lots of smaller Lake Trout as well, this proves to be the most consistent method for large fish.

Largest Lake Trout caught and released recently were: 2006 – a 53 lb, 2007 – a 64 lb, and 2008 – 50 lb.

Best in late May through mid July on a high barometric pressure day, with a slight chop on the water. In September & October you will find Lake Trout in shallow water as they are fall spawners. At that time of year you fish for Lake Trout as you would Northern Pike.

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