Customs Information

Customs Information for your Canadian Fishing Trip

What to bring and things to know when crossing the border from the USA to Canada and back?

One of the most frequently asked questions by anyone considering a fishing trip with us, or anywhere in Canada, is what should I expect at customs? Or, what kind of tackle should we bring? We have put together the following to help make your trip hassle free.

Important Customs Tips:

Proof of Citizenship
A passport is required. Things have changed since 9/11 so don’t let your trip be ruined, and always pack on the cautious side.

Children under 12 travelling with both parents need only a passport. However, if a child is travelling with only 1 parent, a letter from the other spouse is required, giving permission to bring the child into the country .

As long as you are the legal drinking age you are allowed to bring across one 40oz bottle of hard liquor OR one case of beer without paying duty, you certainly can bring across more, but if you do, remember to be honest in declaring the amount, and be reminded that you will have to pay duty and taxes.

you are allowed to bring across one carton of cigarettes (approximately 200 cigarettes) .. same rules apply as the alcohol if you want to bring across more (be sure to declare it all and you will have to pay the duty and taxes)

HandgunsAre Absolutely Prohibited
also keep in mind that radar detectors are also illegal in Canada

As long as you carry a written rabies vaccine certificate that is dated within the last 6 months you may bring your cat or dog into Canada.

Other information
You are breaking the law in Canada if you don’t wear your seatbelt when driving!!!

Credit Cards
Most American credit cards and pricipal bank cards are honored in Canada, at Bakers Narrows Lodge we accept Visa & Mastercard. Be sure to call your credit card company to let them know that you will be in Manitoba, Canada. It’s a good idea to mention that you will be staying at Bakers Narrows Lodge. This makes for hassle-free transactions with your credit card when visiting the area.

Health Insurance
We always recommend that visitors to Canada obtain “traveler health insurance” before leaving their origin country – you might find that your exisiting coverage is not valid outside your area of residence. Always look into this before you travel. The health care in Canada, hospitals and medical services are excellent, but again rates vary so this is why we suggest “travelers health insurance”. Also if you take medication, be sure to bring it with you as well as a doctor’s prescription renewal in case you were to run out or misplace your medications.

Re-entering the U.S.48 Hours Or Less
You may only bring back $25.00 or less into the U.S. duty free. Over 48 hours – As long as you can document your stay in Canada exceeded 48 yours you may bring with you $400.00 in purchases tax free.

Tobacco and Alcohol
If you are eligible for the $400.00 exemption, you may bring back one carton of cigarettes OR 200 cigars regardless of your age. If you are over 21 years of age you may bring back 1 litre (33.8oz) of alcoholic beverage regardless if it is for your own use or as a gift.

Wildlife and Fish
Fish may be imported according to the possession limits shown on your fishing license and Manitoba angler’s guide. You must leave a patch of skin on all fillets, and the fish must be packaged flat (only 2 fillets per package). Your fish has to be transported only by the licensee.

DUI’s are a criminal offence in Canada, and do not expire over time. Contact Pardon Services for ease of access at the border. Customs agents can, and in the past have, turned back visitors to Canada when a DUI shows up on their record. Pardon Services is able to help you get that off your record.

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